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We Work in More Than 50 Communities To Strengthen eqaulity

About US: Mohab People’s Care Foundation is a charity based non-governmental organization that caters for the poor, needy individuals, orphans, motherless, disabled and neglected and the less previlaged persons in Nigeria society. Our foundation commenced operations for close to five years before we legally registered Mohab foundation with the Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C) in February 2023.

Our Mission:  We aim towards saving the lives of poor people with special needs by assisting them to access good health, quality education and enjoy better welfare.

What We Do: We assist the poor to raise fund and access surgical operations for good health. We have given scholarships to over 1000 students in both secondary and tertiary institutions accoss Nigeria. We paid tuition fee for a lot of students through our education support programs.

we assist vulnerable widows and poor women headed households to start-up micro & small businesses by given them seed capital grant to empower the poor and help them cater for themselves via a sustainable approach. 

no poverty

best education

Women Empowered

good health


help is our main goal!

We raise 2.5 Million Naira to pay school fees of those on our scholarship in higher institution yearly. We also pay N681,000 for those in secondary school annually. We have 50 students in Nigeria/Korean Friendship institut (NKFI) in Lokoja and we pay N50,000 each per student beneficiary. We have 9 student beneficiary in secondar school, with 7 of them in private school and we pay N31,000 per term, making N93,000 per session per annual. The two student in public school we pay N6000 per term for school fees which amount to N18,000 per person per term.

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we've funded 15 charity projects for 1200 people around & outside Kogi State