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Financial Help For Poor Families

raised funds 70%

we assist vulnerable widows and poor women headed households to start-up micro & small businesses by given them seed capital grant to empower the poor and help them cater for themselves via a sustainable approach. 

our main goals

We have financially supported a physically challenge widow, who was a mother of triplets with N400,ooo Naira to enable her get a livelihood and she used the money a start-up capital to begin petty trading within her local community in Lokoja. The day-to-day proceeds from her business help her to cater for her family needs and takes care of daily expenses.

join together for charity

Join us in Mohab People’s Care Foundation-a non-profit mission, where your unique skills and talents will make a tangible impact. Together, we can empower our community, alleviate suffering, and create a better future for all.

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send child to school

With you individual donations you can help out-of-school children to get back to class.

fund raising for poor

100% of your money brings improved health to the needy

food for needy people

We provide food to street beggers during festive time.

You can make an offline donation toward our cause

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